DJ Nati Niv

.Nati Niv, born in 1980, lives and breathes music all her life

.She plays and DJs with passion, high energy and huge love for her profession

.Nati is a musician, DJ, drummer, producer and conducting rhythm workshops & drum circles

.Nati own a vast musical knowledge and over 24 years of experience in more than 3000 shows and events around the world

:Key points in Nati’s career

Winner of best DJ set at SHE.J

(Graduated from Los Angeles Music Academy (LAMA

Graduated several course from Bern Jazz Academy

Graduated from Olodum Drummer’s school in Bahia, Brazil

Member of Education Corps’ Military band

Graduated from ‘Ma’ayan’ high school’s Music department

Played alongside top Israeli artists

Member of the rhythm groups – Tararam and Movika

DJ and drummer in big scale Trans parties around the world

Musical accompaniment for dance classes in high schools’ dance departments around Israel

Volunteers in “The Good Spirit” and “ELEM” organizations as well as in Hospitals around Israel

.Owner of Nati Niv – Musical Services Which includes: musical ensembles, singers, musicians and attractions for events

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